My typical seasons and rates:

  • Spring Chinook--- March-- mid July

  • Summer Chinook---July--August

  • Fall Chinook and Upriver Bright Chinook-- August --November

  • Summer Steelhead--July --August

  • Walleye--Virtually year round with the best weather in July --September

     I have the option to hire additional boats with experienced guides whom I have known for years and trust explicitly.
     Should you have any questions or concerns please e-mail or call me any time at

BOOK NOW BY CALLING 503-806-5576



Jet Sled   $175.00 Each

My rates are $175.00 a seat with a maximum of four people.
I will fish a fifth person only if specifically requested and only if they are all one party. My goal is to provide a stress free, relaxed and non competitive experience for all guests.

Drift Boat
(North Coast Streams)
1 or 2 Seats $350.00
  • BEVERAGES:  Drinks & water provided on all trips.
  • RESTROOMS:  We make sure to fish near restroom facilities.
  • LUNCHES:  Lunch provided at small additional charge.
  • MINIMUM PASSENGERS:  All Gorge trips 2 seat minimum.
  • MINIMUM DEPOSIT:  Deposit appreciated if booked out more than two weeks in advance.
  • ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS:  Planning a family trip, women and children are always welcome.
     April, May, June and early July will find me above Bonneville dam in the pools above the dam, in mid July I move down closer to Portland below the dam, the fishing typically does not get going below the dam before mid July. July, August, September and October the fishing is typically good to excellent with limits quite common.

     During the months of December through March I am fishing deep water for big fish above the Dam, typically these fish are 10# or more, these trips are catch and release only. We need to put these big fish back as they are our future. These bigger fish are all females and ready to spawn. Note: Should a client land a new state record, you can of course keep it for a trophy and the accolades.

     These time periods for the fisheries is just general in information and sometimes changes from year to year. Please check our FISHING CALENDAR page for a little more information and details and as always, fisheries can change at the last minute because of new fishing regulations, water conditions and several other factors so always call to get up to the minute information about fishing times and services that are available.

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