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It's All About The Walleye!

Bill & Connie ford with their first limit of Walleye.

Alex and his wife after a salmon trip last year. Alex is a disabled vet.

Good Walleye Catch

8 lb. Walleye

10 lb. Walleye

6 lb. Walleye

8 lb. Walleye

7 1/2 lb. Walleye

Tony, Polly and Marina with
6 of 8 King Salmon they caught.

This is 13 yr. old Preston Finch
with his 28 # King Salmon!

Jenny Locanthi with her 7# Walleye

Happy client
with 8 lb. Walleye
Bob Dirks and Bill Sharp on a walleye
trip with Steve Johnson on 8-30-13.

A couple of lucky Walleye fishermen (photos above). Pictured are Steve and Mark
with their 8 and 8 1/2 # Walleye. Both fish were released.

Another satisfied Walleye client. And a happy Salmon Fisherwoman.

walleye_fishing_600.jpg walleye_fishing_601.jpg
walleye_fishing_602.jpg walleye_fishing_603.jpg
walleye_fishing_604.jpg walleye_fishing_605.jpg
walleye_fishing_606.jpg walleye_fishing_607.jpg
walleye_fishing_608.jpg walleye_fishing_609.jpg
walleye_fishing_610.jpg walleye_fishing_611.jpg
walleye_fishing_612.jpg walleye_fishing_613.jpg
walleye_fishing_614.jpg walleye_fishing_615.jpg
walleye_fishing_616.jpg walleye_fishing_617.jpg
walleye_fishing_618.jpg walleye_fishing_619.jpg




30 Pound Fall Chinook!


Note to Steve's FISHING clients:

If you have photos of your fishing trip with Steve Johnson send them to me and I'll post them on his website. Just email the photos to as attachments and I'll post them on the website. You can also include your name and any information or details about the fish and your fishing trip (optional).
Thank You!
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